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The navigation buttons do not appear, I only see text links.

You may need to apply the theme. Go to Format/Theme and choose the correct theme. Read "Get Started" for more details.

How do I control the fonts with Cascading Style Sheets?

Please go to the read me page.

What is a "web"?

A Microsoft FrontPage web is a collection of folders and files that make up a web site, including FrontPage navigation structure information and, if your web uses themes, theme information.

A FrontPage web can have a navigation structure. You may have "subwebs" -- FrontPage webs inside of a FrontPage web. While these subwebs exist inside the directory structure of the main web, they have their own navigation structure. This means that when you open a subweb, it will open in a separate FrontPage window.

How can I use this product? (Licensing issues)

You may use this web template and theme for one "entity." That is, you may use this web template as many times as you would like for yourself (for a public and an intranet site, for example), or you may use the web template as many times as you would like for a client, but you may not use it for both yourself and the client. If you want to use this template for multiple clients, you must purchase the product again.

All of the images and the theme may be used in a web site, although we still retain the rights to the designs. We ask that you do not modify images unless we specify that you can.

You may install the theme on multiple computers as long as all of them are for personal, internal, or educational use.

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Visit the product-specific support page here, or email us with your question.




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