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This is the Page Template for Business Ready.

Replace this content with your own and save into your web. Please note that this cell and the thin cells on the left and right make up one of the nested content tables on this page.

I made a new web, now what?
  1. If you only see text links instead of theme navigation buttons, you may need to apply the theme. Go to Format/Theme and choose the Business Ready theme and apply it with all boxes checked.
  2. Read through all the pages to learn about how to use this web template. You may wish to start at the Site Map. Other pages to note: how to create a new web.
  3. Look through the pages in this web template and decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. Note that you can rename pages instead of deleting them. You may want to work out on paper your navigation structure and the different pages that you will have.
  4. Go through the process of adding/deleting pages and adding your content. Finally, publish your web!


Your special text, image, or animation here.



Changing Layout

We have formatted the tables so that this page will look good and resize in Netscape and Internet Explorer. If you wish to change the layout, please follow these instructions.

About this page layout
This page has two different "sections" for content.  The top nested table has a larger text area. You may want to use this area for special marketing efforts, and a short amount of content. This area is another nested table. The cell on the left contains an "adbox" that can be used for strong emphasis. You may want to put an animation, image, or text there. The right cell has room for more content.

Adding other columns to the page
We suggest that you do not directly add columns to this layout, as you may accidentally "freeze" the page so that it no longer resizes. Instead, delete the page template content, then go to Table/Insert/Table to add your own table in the center area. You may click within a table and go to Table > Select > Table to get a better idea of the table structure of this page.


Info Box


To copy: go to Table > Select > Table, then Edit > Copy. Bring your cursor to the place you want to have an info box and Edit > Paste.
To resize: Right-click in the box, selecting Table Properties, and changing the pixel width dimensions. Text:
You may define the text to be the "infobox" class for white text.
This info box can go anywhere, even in the main content area!




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